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Upcoming Events

WWSF Committee Meetings

November 4 - 10:00am

Holiday Inn - Stevens Point


WWSF Business Meeting

December 2 - 10:00am

Location TBA - Stevens Point

WWSF Business Meeting

January 6 - 10:00am

Location TBA - Stevens Point

WWSF Committee Meetings

February 3 - 10:00am

Chula Vista - Wisconsin Dells

Think Tank

March 2-4

Chula Vista Resort - Wisconsin Dells

WWSF Annual Meeting

March 3 time TBA

Chula Vista - Wisconsin Dells

WWSF Committee Meetings

April 7 - 10:00am

Location TBA - Wisconsin Dells

State Show Ski Championships

July 19-22

Red Sands Beach/Lake Wazeecha
Wisconsin Rapids

Below is the agenda for the November 4, 2017 WWSF Committee Meetings. These meetings start at 10:00am and will be held in the Stonefield Room at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Stevens Point.

10:00 Show Ski Sport Discipline
10:30 Think Tank Committee
11:15 Bylaws and P&P Committee
12:00 Lunch Break
12:30 Grants Committee
1:00 Hall of Fame Committee

The next WWSF business meeting will be held at 10:00am on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Stevens Point.

About the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation

The Wisconsin Water Ski Federation promotes water skiing, water safety, and good sportsmanship throughout Wisconsin and elsewhere; encourages and supports the formation of water ski clubs; serves as an educational, informational, and organizational center for water skiers in Wisconsin; dissemnates information and news about water skiing; and presents annually the Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo, state championship events, and other events and activities in support of organizational objectives.